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Being “reasonable” just won’t get THIS job done!


Radically altering the rate at which children are unnecessarily poisoned by lead in this country requires thinking and acting beyond the status quo of merely “reasonable” efforts.

Accordingly, for Lead Poisoning Prevention Month this year, Lead Safe America Foundation has thrown down the gauntlet—and set an “unreasonable” fundraising goal for October: $100,000!

We’ve never raised this much… The most we ever raised in any one month is about $20,000… so we’re looking to break the mold so that we can increase the number of families we can help in 2016, expanding our reach and the scope of what we are able to do to help each family! Can you help us be “unreasonable” and raise $100,000 in support of our work helping families everywhere?

We’re going to share fundraising updates frequently on our blog so you can check in and see how we are doing.

Click HERE to see the latest total raised so far this month!

IF you haven’t yet donated this year please consider it.  IF you usually wait until DECEMBER to make your “end-of-year” contributions… please consider making your end-of-year contribution to Lead Safe America now, in October instead.

Thank you for your support.

As of 1:00 p.m., Thursday, October 1, 2015…
Our total raised this month is…$10
🙂 (we expect that to change shortly though!)

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