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New Year’s Resolutions 2014

Better late than never – This week I started a list of my top 10 New Year’s Resolutions for LSAF for 2014. (They are more “goals” than “resolutions” … targets to shoot for in 2014!)

I’m a very strong believer in stating what you want – putting it out in the world in the form of words in writing for all to see – and then having that come to pass.

As a result of putting these goals out into the world, within minutes of posting them on Facebook and Twitter – I already have solid leads on #1, #3, and #4…. [If you recall – one of my “resolutions” from 2013 including meeting Michael Moore and that came to pass too!]

Amazing really – thank you everyone for your help in making dreams come true – dreams which will educate the world and help protect future generations of children from being poisoned.

  1. Have a private lunch with Warren Buffett & show him MisLEAD
  2. Hold private preview screening of MisLEAD @Facebook HQ 4 employees
  3. Hold private preview screening of MisLEAD @Apple HQ 4 employees
  4. Hold private preview screening of MisLEAD @Google HQ 4 employees
  5. Hold private preview screening of MisLEAD @ Yahoo HQ 4 employees
  6. Hold private preview screening of MisLEAD 4 Obama Family & all The White House employees
  7. Hold private preview screening of MisLEAD 4 all Senators & Congress folks in D.C.
  8. Help more than 12,000 families in 2014
  9. Get a 2014 Mercedes/Dodge Sprinter Bio-Diesel conversion van (custom modified) donated to the Foundation so we can spend the summer (June/ July/ August) driving around the United States showing MisLEAD to communities that might not otherwise have a chance to see it!
  10. …open to suggestions for 10!

My emphasis on reaching out to the high-tech world this year is two-fold.  The people who work with these companies are our target – young professionals who are often parents of young children & who live in historic homes in dense urban areas.  Reaching them with this message is personal  – they will see how it impact their lives personally – but it is also strategic as they are at the center of the information hub of the world.  The more tech employees that get that this is their problem too, the more quickly we will build the momentum required to take this movement to the next level.  These people have the power to literally help us reach every family in the country (and the world) with this message and this information.

Thanks for reading!

Tamara Rubin
Executive Director
Lead Safe America

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