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MisLEAD: 2016 updated timeline & budget

March 2, 2016
Revised timeline and finishing budget
for our documentary film outreach project.

Here’s the estimated timeline and minimum in finishing funds we currently need for the film (assuming most music rights are donated, and not including animation.)

Goal is to get the film done in a three month window once all funds have been raised.   To see  previous projected timeline and finishing funds budget click here.

March-April-May 2016
(Updated Estimate)

  • $5,000 – Camera Rig and sound equip to film original b-roll (instead of paying for stock footage)
  • $2,250 – Edit Suite / Office Rent
  • $10,000 – Final Editing, 3 months of editor working closely with Tamara & visual artist  (placing animation/ b-roll/ music)
  • $18,000 – Creative Production Support Team, 3 months of professional fees, etc. (apprx. $6,000 / month)
  • $8,250LSAF operating costs for 3 months (office expense / phones/ internet/ postage/ etc. to support work on finishing film)
  • $10,000 – Picture Finishing (estimate, includes DCP by a Local PDX studio.)
  • $3,000 – Hard Drives/ Computer Equip
  • $0.00 – Sound Finishing is being donated by Hyperbolic Audio.
  • $2,000 – Attorney Fees (partial donation)
  • $2,500 – Insurance (Errors & Omissions)
  • $4,500 – Music Rights (our biggest potential challenge—as music for a documentary like this is often close to $40,000—however we’re hoping other musicians whose music we have selected will opt for donating the rights to their music like The Who and other popular artists so generously have!)
  • $4,500 – Composer (partial donation)

$70,000 TOTAL Estimate

This does not include:

  • Image design work (DVD cases, posters, packaging, etc.)
  • Animation (we are awaiting a bid for animation of scientific concepts, titles and transition devices & animation may be donated)
  • NYC & Los Angeles Oscar qualifying run (approximately $20,000)
  • Any other costs for distribution concept outlined below

Distribution Concept/ Timeline

Step One: Theatrical Premiers

  • New York City Oscar Qualifying Run*  [more info here.]
  • Los Angeles Oscar Qualifying Run*

Step Two: Theatrical “Run”  & Cross-Country In-Person Tour

  • Cost depends on whether or not the film gets “picked up” for distribution by an independent distribution company
  • Summer Cross Country Tour  – read full concept here

Step Three: Digital streaming. May include channels like Netflix or Amazon.

Step Four: DVD distribution

Step Five: Partnering with schools, public health departments, universities, hospitals and other organizations for community public screenings and ongoing educational programs based around the content of the film including CEU (continuing education unit) programs for doctors, nurses, childcare workers, teachers, special ed specialists and others.

*Tamara will be present for post-screening conversations with the audience.

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