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Happy Birthday, Lead Safe America!

lead-safe_stars1Saturday, March 29, 2014

Thank you so much, everyone—for supporting Lead Safe America in our first three years! Our official third birthday as a non-profit is Monday, March 31st!

To celebrate, we have a few fun options to encourage folks to renew their support of the Foundation with a tax-deductible contribution.  For more sponsorships/ benefits at different levels – click here.

For our 3rd Birthday:

1. Donate $15 or more by March 31st at midnight for the opportunity to stream a password protected link to the poignant montage in the film that we built around “Behind Blue Eyes”, by The Who in your own living room* [Pete Townshend & Roger Daltrey found that scene – scored to their incredibly powerful signature song – so moving that they promptly offered to donate the rights to it for the film! :-)]

2. Donate $30 or more for the opportunity to stream a password protected copy of the current cut of MisLEAD: America’s Secret Epidemic in your own living room!*

3. Donate $100 or more to get a Special Thanks credit in the credits of the film (we’re still able to offer this as we haven’t finished post-production editing of graphics for the film – which includes the final credits.)  This credit can be for you, your company or organization, or someone you would like to honor!  [The greater your donation, the higher up your Special Thanks credit will be in the credits!]

NOTE: It is our goal to have the film finished and in theaters by late-fall, 2014!
Read more here.

*[Links are for home viewing/ personal use only and not to be used for public sharing of the film; password/viewing window is temporary and will expire—view any time before midnight, PST on April 15th.]

4. Donate $1,500 and join us a Lifetime Sponsor of Lead Safe America Foundation:
Each year as the Foundation and it’s standing grows**, we raise the minimum donation level to come on board as a Lifetime Sponsor.

On April 1st our minimum Lifetime Sponsor level will go up to $2,500. There are three days left to become a lifetime sponsor (depending on the level, benefits include a lifetime listing on this page of our site and a scrolling logo for your company across the bottom of the home page of our site) at this year’s level—for a contribution of just $1,500 (Lifetime sponsorship will start at $2,500 beginning on April 1st.  Benefits of Lifetime Sponsorships are outlined here.)

**[Over the past year we have been interviewed for and quoted in the Huffington Post, the New York Post, Al Jazeera English, Parents Magazine and more—our independence and ability/committment to speak the truth have earned us the credibility and respect that Lead Safe America Foundation is now one of the first places reporters turn for accurate information (and quotes/soundbites) on the issue of childhood lead poisoning; as of this writing we now have 49,400 subscribers to our mailing list and more than 3,172 followers on Facebook!]

5. Be named as an Executive Producer of MisLEAD: America’s Secret Epidemic (with an IMDB credit and credit in the film too!) for contributions starting at $10,000 — and company or organization logo recognition in the film for Executive Producer sponsorships starting at $25,000details here.

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