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A Letter To Mark Zuckerberg

Screen Shot 2014-11-10 at 1.54.38 PMWe wrote this letter and posted on Facebook  – so folks could share and perhaps it would reach Mark personally.  In all the sharing and reposting it has reached at least three people who work at Facebook.  Here’s the Link to share on Facebook  – if you want to help us keep the momentum going on this.  Thank you!


Updated: Just sent this as a message to Mark Zuckerberg…. Can you all (people in the “World of Facebook” ) help me make sure he sees it, by sharing, commenting and liking it – and asking your friends to do the same? – Thank you!

*as of Mon (11/10), 1:48 pm: 298 “likes”, 104 shares, and 9,816 people “reached”!

Hi Mark.

Over the past several years, Facebook has been an amazing tool that has enabled me to reach out to families all over the Country (and the world!)… Thank you. You and your team can take credit for making this platform an effective tool for childhood lead-poisoning prevention – a tool that works in an unmatched new way (better than any outreach tool ever before) – making it possible for this message and the resources we provide to reach an unprecedented number of families each and every day.

I am the mother of two boys who were lead-poisoned (as babies) by the work of a contractor who did not follow lead-safe work practices when re-painting the exterior of our historic home in Portland, Oregon in 2005. [The contractor used an open-flame torch to remove the paint from the exterior of our home to prepare the house for re-painting; he told us it was safe for us to stay in the home because he was only working on the exterior. The fumes from the torch removal of the paint permeated the home and were inhaled by my babies.] My children suffer from permanent brain damage as a result of this incident.

I’ve since learned that our experience is NOT uncommon; that one in three American children under the age of 18 has had an unsafe level of lead in their blood in their lifetime. In response to our family’s tragedy, I’ve made a documentary feature film to raise awareness of the scope of the problem in this country and to educate parents about how to protect their children from this preventable tragedy.

This note is posted on the Facebook page for the film.

Lead poisoning is NOT an issue of the past – yet many people assume it was “solved” with the 1978 ban on lead in house paint in the U.S. (and subsequent 1996 ban on lead in gasoline).

Lead poisoning is one of the primary contributing causes of numerous childhood health crises we are facing today (the explosive rise in the incidence of ADD/ ADHD / Autisim Spectrum Symptoms and related cognitive impairments – just to touch on a few), yet most people are completely unaware of the well-studied and well-documented links between even microscopic/ trace environmental exposure to (incredibly neurotoxic) lead and the many exasperating, unnatural additional challenges *millions* of parents face every day.

I invite you and Facebook to consider sponsoring this important film on childhood lead-poisoning – with a tax-deductible contribution. It’s truly more than just a film – it’s a real movement—one I believe is finally capable of effecting the necessary sea-change in awareness of this costly yet preventable health crisis in the U.S. today. [Childhood lead-poisoning costs the U.S. more than $50.9 Billion annually!]

You can help save our country this enormous cost by joining in this movement – and helping to finish this important film.

The film is a project of the 501(c)3 nonprofit I founded in 2011 – Lead Safe America Foundation. The Who is donating music. Peter Coyote has offered to donate narration. It features an interview with Noam Chomsky, and tests consistently, overwhelmingly positive with audiences in a series of preview screenings we have held around the Country over the past year.

December of 2014 will be the three-year anniversary of when we started filming. We’re in “post-production” and “almost done” but we need to raise about $200,000 more for final production and initial distribution costs. ($375,000 including distribution costs of the film through a summer 2015 “in-person” 50-city tour – during which we will also bring free blood lead testing, free lead-paint test kits, and free consumer goods testing to communities across the country.)

I have taken a huge risk and made an enormous personal sacrifice to make this film: I have taken *no income* for four years—my house is in foreclosure as a result; but with each child protected by this movement the sacrifice continues to seem worth it.

Facebook has already been a key player in the success of this project and the impact we are having in the world – protecting children. Our Facebook reach for the film’s page has exceeded 87,000 weekly. We have 6,893 followers – and these numbers are with the film not even finished yet!

If you like, I will come down to Facebook HQ *tomorrow* (whenever you get this… any “tomorrow” is fine, since I live in Portland, Oregon and it’s just a quick flight down to the Bay Area) & show you and your employees the current cut of the film…and I promise you will then understand the urgent need to get this message out to the world in a big way.

We have been holding preview screenings around the country and other hosts of these events have included Nike (at their Nike World HQ), SC Johnson Co. (at their Golden Rondelle Theater), the New Orleans Museum of Art, The City & County of San Francisco, Berkeley’s David Brower Center, The State of New Hampshire Department of Public Health, The National Center for Healthy Housing (at The George Washington University Milken Institute School of Public Health) and dozens of other corporations, county/city/state health departments, and community organizations in more than 60 cities across the U.S.

To note: should Facebook join this movement you will join more than 950 others in sponsoring the work of the Lead Safe America Foundation— including corporate sponsors like 3M, ThermoFisher Scientific / Niton, Simonton Windows, Magellan Diagnostics, DriveSavers Data Recovery, Green Toys, Annie’s Homegrown, Dustless Technologies, Wells Fargo Bank and many many others – interestingly enough a huge number of our supporters are actually mothers of lead poisoned children – many of whom are low-income like myself – but also committed to the cause and protecting other children from the same fate as our children.

Thank you for reading. I look forward to meeting you soon.

Tamara Rubin
Mother of Lead Poisoned Children
Executive Director
Lead Safe America Foundation

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