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While we are still “new” as far as nonprofits go (we were founded on March 31, 2011) we have big dreams , hopes and goals for the future of of our work.   A quick overview (with more to be posted soon):

Tangible Goals

  1. helping 20,000 families in 2014 (we helped 6,000+ families in 2013)
  2. getting a van that we can use to have a tour of the film across the country for summer 2014
  3. opening and managing safe-houses in every major metropolitan area across the country – so families whose children have been poisoned can be assured of free, safe, comfortable, kid-friendly, temporary housing while they fix the problems in their home.
  4. starting a summer camp (and possibly a year-round camp) for lead poisoned children
  5. finishing our documentary feature film and having a theatrical Oscar-qualifying run in 2014
  6. growing LSAF to where we are in a position to start satellite offices around the country – with each office staffed by parents of lead-poisoned children (including an active initiative to employ parents returning to the workforce after having taken time-off to be with their special needs children.)

Policy Goals

  1. Spearheading initiatives for pre-natal and pre-conception blood lead testing of women (with pap-smear annual testing perhaps.)
  2. Helping to pass legislation requiring hazard inspections with the transfer of ownership of any pre-1978 home (and setting up systems for these inspections to remain on file and in the public record for the life of the property.)
  3. creating federal legislation requiring all schools to be lead-safe at all times (not just during or after construction, but covering existing deteriorating paint dust and soil hazards and water supply hazards.)
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