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Airline Travel with Special Needs Kids

A controversial piece, however it really resonates with parents of special needs children.  Personally my own recent flight with my two youngest was quite traumatic.  I went to the back of the plane and started crying.  I told the flight attendant that I was afraid my kids would make the next headline (like this one.)  [I always just say they have Autism – as there is no listening for “My child has Lead Poisoning.”] She was wonderful.  She assured me that many children with Autism fly without issue, and even the issues are understood and handled well by staff and fellow passengers.  She also told me that our flight attendant for the 6-hour nonstop flight (an older gentleman) was the father of an adult child with Autism.  This calmed me down quite a bit (even though it was still a very difficult flight.)

Click on the image to read this story that was published on January 1, 2015.


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