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Angie’s List Comprehensive Overview 2014

We’re proud to share that the Angie’s list spread on lead, lead-paint hazards and childhood lead poisoning features stories from three mamas  – all mamas in the Lead Safe America Foundation’s support group for parents of lead poisoned children.  Thank you so much to Brandi, Johnna and Sarah for sharing your stories in this forum, a forum that will definitely reach people who have the opportunity to make a difference and shift the tide in protecting more and more children from childhood lead poisoning.

Click the image below for the link to the full series of articles.  Thank you Angie’s List for publishing this!

If anyone knows a parent of a lead-poisoned child that would like to join our online support group on Facebook, please have them contact us HERE or HERE.  We currently have 197 people in this secret facebook group and you must be added by a participating active member.

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  1. Ken Stailey September 22, 2014 at 2:20 pm #

    Hi Tamara! I love your work with this vital cause for children’s health, safety and welfare!

    But guess what industry is actively attempting to appeal $1.15 billion justice served?

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