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Lead and AvGas in Santa Monica and Beyond


Playground at end of Santa Monica Airport Runway, Photo taken by Michael Brodsky

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Thank you so much to Lynn Peeples for writing this AWESOME article.  Thanks to Michael Brodsky for contributing photos from Santa Monica and thanks to Michael Rubin (no relation) and Marcie Keever (Friends of the Earth) for your interviews with Lynne!


Santa Monica Airport flight over local homes. Photo taken by Michael Brodsky.

One Response to Lead and AvGas in Santa Monica and Beyond

  1. F. Stephen Masek April 29, 2014 at 7:09 pm #

    I advise everyone reading this not to be selfish, but to think of the aircraft owners. The cost to redo the engines in these small aircraft is very high, and aviation fuel with lead creates a tiny amount of lead in a gigantic atmosphere. It is a very different situation than the ground-level use of lead in automobile and truck fuels, something which was a major problem.

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