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Lead Poisoning Does Not Discriminate

After our tempestuous midterm elections, regardless of where you are along the political spectrum, we want to remind you that childhood lead poisoning does not care about politics, it does not espouse any ideology, identify with any socioeconomic class—or any other demographic.

It does not discriminate; it’s a “bipartisan” crisis.

Any child can be poisoned – especially if they live in an historic home, in an historic community or attend school (nursery school through college!) in an historic building. It just takes a microscopic amount of lead dust to poison a child. Children are also not just “little ones under 6 years old”  – lead poisoning can cause permanent health impacts (including permanent brain damage) regardless of the age of the victim.

In the widely cited 2011 study, Reducing the staggering costs of environmental disease in children, estimated at $76.6 billion in 2008, Leonardo Trasande & Yinghua Liu showed that all childhood environmental illnesses conservatively cost the United States $76,600,000,000 annually – and of that $76.6 BILLION annual cost, $50.9 BILLION of that is attributable tolead exposure.

As many of you know personally, the Lead Safe America Foundation is making a difference in creating a new level of parent awareness that is actually tangibly protecting children. Each week our work is motivating and educating tens of thousands of parents across the country  – providing parents with information and with resources to test their homes and inspiring parents to test their children and to learn more about this issue. We need your help to continue doing what we do.

As we near the end of 2014, we have a new financial goal; this new goal is the *bare minimum* we need to raise between today and December 31st to keep our doors open as a non-profit – to keep our important work going beyond this year. This goal is $42,000. If we reach this goal we will officially be able to hire full-time staff so that we can begin to meet the need for assistance that is being demanded of our growing nonprofit.

Please include the Lead Safe America Foundation in your end-of-year giving plan & help us meet this critical goal. If you work for a corporation or public agency your can contribute towards this goal by scheduling a Lead Safe America outreach event for you community now for next year. If you have a small business or community group you can support us by becoming a Neighborhood Partner.

Donate today HERE (or bookmark the link to donate before midnight on December 31st!)

Thank you,

Leonard Rubin
Communications Director
Lead Safe America Foundation

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