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Halloween #BonusRaffle Opportunity!

ticketHappy Halloween! 

Tonight’s #BonusRaffle prize is for a Jon Fishman autographed Green Toys Flying Disc!

Stay safe out there!

TIA for sharing!

Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 10.54.26 PMAlso noteworthy…. our 2nd prize is now worth almost $4,000 (tax included) with Earth Mama Angel Baby donating a year’s supply of their products to the raffle!


• Tyler Kath won the postcard from Jon Fishman
• Jennifer Irving won the autographed drum stick
• Annie Celdran won the opportunity to have Jon Fishman record the outgoing message on her voicemail!

– If any of you have other great ideas for #BonusRaffle Prizes – please let us know!


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