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Sample Preview Screening Budget

Many people have asked about the preview screening donation/fee — what it covers, what our costs are to host a screening, etc.  [How a preview screening works.]

These preview screening events help us raise advance awareness of the film (prior to theatrical release) and also often serve as a fundraiser for the Lead Safe America Foundation – to both help us raise funds for our outreach and education work – including covering day-to-day operating costs, and also to help with the finishing funds necessary to complete the film.

The $5,000 preview screening fee is first applied to cover direct LSAF costs related to any given screening (typically between $1,500 to $2,500); the remaining $2,500 – $3,500 is applied as noted above. Most hosting agencies categorize the screening fee as an “outreach event fee” or “speaking engagement fee” – given the opportunity is so much more than just a film screening (with post-screening panel discussions with the director and local experts, free public toy testing events, free blood lead testing events, local media interviews and news coverage, etc. often coordinated with the main event.)

In addition to the LSAF screening fee donation, other costs associated with a screening are paid for directly by the host. We have had some hosts report success in getting 100% of necessary services (location, projection, printing, promotion, catering, etc.) donated as well.

Atypically, we are coordinating the Charleston screening (April 23rd) ourselves — without a hosting agency (without a screening fee, and an agency managing many of the details for us), so  – as an opportunity to share specifics with the public, I decided to post the budget for this event here – updating it as we go along (some of these numbers are estimates based on anticipated expenses.)

For events where we have a hosting agency paying our preview screening donation of $5,000 the costs flagged with “LSAF” and totaled in purple (on the top of the spreadsheet) are costs that would normally be covered by us – from the preview screening fee donation.

For this event so far we have received $2,400 to help cover our costs. If you would like to donate in support of this event, tax-deductible contributions are always welcome!  [Absent additional donations, Tamara & Len Rubin will need to cover these costs personally (in addition to other personal costs associated with the event — primarily all of the extra childcare necessary for Tamara to be gone for a week!) 😮 ] Thank you.





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