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Originally Published on June 26, 2104

We are about to be in PARENTS MAGAZINE this summer!  The September “Back-to-School” issue comes out in August and is both mentioned in the in print story (distribution approximately 2.2 million!) and our film’s trailer is going to be included in the downloadable iPad version of the magazine.

Also – a big highlight – the fact that we give away FREE LEAD-PAINT TEST KITS to parents is also being included in the article (yikes!) we fully expect to be overwhelmed with requests for tests kits and are working with volunteers now to prep for what promises to be an unprecedented amount of website traffic along with an unprecedented amount of requests for support  – here in August and September.

Even without a feature in Parents Magazine, our requests for assistance, free test-kits and information has spiked enormously in the past month.  This week alone we have sent out more than 110 test kits, and have a stack more to send that we are working on today.

Each person who requests a test kit also gets one of our Lead Safe America buttons (with our website on the side, so they can easily get more information) and a “Simple Solutions” card – with simple solutions for protecting their family from lead in their home and environment.  The buttons have been designed to help to “brand the cause” [generating a new level of societal awareness and compassion for the issue – just as the ubiquitous pink ribbon has helped to increase awareness of breast cancer.]  These buttons are a simple gesture, with a far-reaching impact, and have significant longevity over a paper card with information on it.

We are going to need tens of thousands of buttons to meet the anticipated demand in August and September and we need your help with this.

As a result, we came up with a new sponsorship category, just to help us meet the anticipated volume of requests for support in August.

For a $5,000 Sponsorship Donation

We will print up 20,000 Lead Safe America buttons with YOUR company website on the edge along with the  site on the edge. (Each button will look like the following example – the buttons we printed up this week sponsored by We will distribute these buttons for free across the country to the general public – at community events, with test-kits we mail out and at any of our film-screenings (previews and otherwise), as well as a button given away with each LeadCheck test kit we give out.


In exchange for your $5,000 contribution and in addition to the printed recognition of your support on 20,000 buttons – YOU will GET 5,000 of the buttons to distribute yourself (at trade shows? to customers? to friends, family? at events? however your like) OR 1,000 of the buttons plus 1,000 3M LeadCheck 2-pack test kits and 1,000 of our Simple Solutions cards (you can choose which of these two benefits you would like.)

Please contact Tamara Rubin, Lead Safe America Foundation Executive Director at 415-609-3182 or before August 1st if you are interested in helping the cause in this way.

Other buttons sponsorship levels and benefits are  posted below.

We are also very pleased to share with you that our buttons are made locally here in Portland, Oregon and that we pick them up in person as soon as they are done….  they are also lead-free! (of course we have tested them) and we love supporting local Portland businesses.

Thank you.


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