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Ask Tamara: What does lead paint look like?

Ask Tamara Question (from Facebook, 1/1/2016): What does lead paint look like? How do you know if it is lead paint without testing it? Answer: Failing lead paint often displays a distinct square or rectangular “alligator” pattern. It can differ a bit, depending on how many layers of lead paint there are and how many layers of […]

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Ask Tamara: I just found out that my kiddo was poisoned…

#Ask Tamara Question (1/1/16) from Facebook: “I just found out my kiddo was lead poisoned and an inspector from the Health Department is coming out on Monday, what might I expect?” Answer: The extent of your home inspection (if done by a public agency) really will depend on two things: The budget of your health […]

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If you appreciate the information we provide, please consider making a tax-deductible contribution to the Lead Safe America Foundation.  Each $5 we raise helps us help a family (and sometimes two) by getting them FREE lead-paint test kits to test their homes. Contribute $5!  •  Contribute $25!  •  Contribute Any Amount! WARNING! Lead in commonly […]

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