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Policies: Advocate Childcare

lead-safe_stars1June 6, 2014
Parent Advocate Support
Childcare for Advocates


There is no stronger voice to protect children from environmental toxicity than the voice of a parent who has to care for a child whose health has been adversely impacted by exposure (lead, mercury, cadmium, etc.)

In most cases parent-advocates simply cannot do this important work without supplemental care for their children. This is especially true of parent-advocates who are parents of special-needs children, including parents of #leadpoisoned children. There are few-to-no other agencies in this country offering to cover childcare in this way or for parent advocates – and, as such, childcare costs are a central limiting factor in a parent’s ability to advocate for their own child let – alone for them to reach beyond working with their own child and advocating for the health and well-being of other children with special needs.

It is a policy of the Lead Safe America Foundation to help cover the costs of childcare for parent-advocates to support them and to create opportunities for them to help other parents in protecting their children.

Parents can apply directly to LSAF for financial assistance for their advocacy work. We approve assistance for childcare expenses for the following types of opportunities:

  • Outreach and education events (fairs, festivals, speaking engagements)
  • Local and national conferences and educational opportunities for the advocate
  • Website design & updating time
  • One-on-one time working with / supporting other parents
  • Event prep and coordination time for above opportunities
  • Travel time for above opportunities

~  ~  ~

In addition to childcare we help cover the following expenses to support parent-advocates:

  • Website hosting, design and technical support (thanks to a generous donation from
  • Brochure, banner, business card printing and design (for outreach and education purposes)
  • Conference registration fees
  • Travel costs for outreach and education events: ground and air (gas, tolls, plane fare, rental cars, etc)

Support is provided in these areas as funds are available.
For more information about our Parent-Advocate Support program click here.

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