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Crystyle’s Doing an Advocacy Event!

belly-20to-20baby-20poster-20graphic-20FALL-202014-20copyLead Safe America Foundation has a new volunteer mama (Crystyle Wozniak) doing an event in September 2014 in Green Bay, Wisconsin!

On September 7, 2014 she is going to have a lead poisoning prevention booth at the Belly to Baby Expo and she needs to raise some funds to help cover some of the costs for the event.  Belly to Baby is expecting 55 exhibitors and 400 attendees at this September’s event and have been doing the event twice-a-year for three years.

This is a great opportunity for her community and we’re thrilled to be able to help her.

Here’s her anticipated budget so far:



  • $10 – Booth Fee
  • $50 – Logo Fee (to include in the promotional materials for the event)
  • $100 – Estimated Postage to send her enough free 3M/LeadCheck Test Kits & Simple Solutions cards and buttons to give one to every attendee (400 2-swab test kits, full retail value $14.95 each – $5,980 in retail value of test kits!)
  • $100 – to cover the cost of getting Crystyle a LeadSafeAmerica button for each attendee of the event.
  • $10 – to cover the cost of registering a website domain name for Crystyle to use for this event and future events she might want to do (we cover hosing costs, but $10 a year covers domain name registration and we will help her set up the site for free!)

Total minimum anticipated costs: $270.00. 
Stretch Goal: $500 🙂

Please make your tax-deductible contribution in support of Crystyle’s advocacy work by clicking the “Donate” button below.  This button will add a “Designated to Help Crystyle’s Event” onto your donation – and we will report/update the total raised to date here as contributions come in.


Any amount raised above and beyond the goal will go to either cover additional costs related to this event or to help cover the costs of another parent-led advocacy event.  Thank you!

$ Donated or Pledged So Far To Support Crystyle’s Advocacy Work!

Thank you to:
Margy Cottingham • Green Bay, WI
Jane Duryea-O’Donnell • Fair Hills, NJ
Reclamation Studios, LLC • Pulaski, WI
Drucilla • TX

Tuesday, July 24, 2014
6:20 pm, Pacific

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