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Dickens theme revisited…

photo 2Originally published morning of Monday, July 28, 2014

“It was the best of times it was the worst of times…”

Well – that truly seems to be the theme this month!

HIGH: Our facebook reach is at an ALL TIME HIGH (it’s been amazing really – see the attached screenshot – 67,412 total-reach and 11,255 people engaged in just the past week!)

LOW: but our donations this month (July 2014) are close to an all-time low (Just $753.33 raised this month in donations not specifically designated to help a particular family.) [UPDATE – 7/29, 10:00 a.m., new total for the month: $953.33! – Keep those donations coming!  Thank you!]

HIGH: We’re in Parents magazine!…

….An all-time high from anyone’s perspective—in terms of bringing the message of the urgent relevance of childhood lead poisoning prevention to the target audience in an unprecedented way – parents of young children – across the country and across the globe even…

LOW:  but given our low donations, we literally cannot even afford our monthly office rent and phones…. just (this morning – 7/28) got a formal eviction notice from the Foundation’s landlord, informing us that we need to move out by August 27th since we have not been able to cover our rent.

Lead Safe America is truly a grassroots movement.

We intentionally take no direct federal funding (government grants and that sort of quid-pro-quo/limits-to-what-you-can-say-publicly-as-a-result support.) This is a commitment to not having our message potentially censored by any funding agencies – as the message about lead has been so significantly censored by alliances between the lead industry and regulating agencies throughout history.

To make our work happen – we rely 100% (one-hundred-percent!) on donations from people like you and the businesses they run. That’s it.

We have an “Honor Roll” that we set up a few months ago – where people have the option of clicking the “monthly” box when they make a donation. The goal of this is to cover our basic expenses so we don’t have to worry about “staying in business” – with all of the ups and downs of the economy) (rent, mailings, phones, internet – just the basics.)

Right now our Honor Roll constitutes $113.33 a month  [7/29 Update: Honor Roll is now at $183.33/ Month!] in donations (which is AWESOME—but think of what we could do if that was $2,000 a month, with our basic expenses covered*… $2,000 a month would take just 400 people committing to $5 a month because they appreciate what we do  [or 80 people committing to just $25 a month!]- providing uncensored information to the public and free resources to families.)

Is that something you could commit to? $5 or $10 or $15 a month (a few cups of coffee?/ spare change?/ spending money?)

Our most generous honor roll donation is a long-time friend of the Foundation who contributes $50 a month. It makes sense to her. To her, our work is worth $50 a month. What is it worth to you?

Instructions on how to join the Honor Roll are here, [One-time donations are welcome as well! of course! – but please consider checking the “Monthly” box.] Perhaps we can convince our landlord to let us stay – if we can raise enough to cover the rent and the phones, enough to keep us going.  [UPDATE: 12:30 pm – 7/28; the landlord says we can stay in our office if we can raise $1,500 by Thursday – July 31st… (July/August rent!) – please help us raise $1,500 this week.]

Alternately – (plan b.?) do you have a rent-free place we could move Lead Safe America headquarters to before August 27th?  Moving would be a lot of work, but if that’s what it is going to take – I will do it.  [And plan c. would you like to BUY a new HQ for the Lead Safe America Foundation to have as permanent HQ?  – we have JUST the place – to house our offices and a new school for lead-poisoned children!  Link HERE! or THIS ONE (for a fraction of the price – $197,900/ to just house our office! ;-))

 make sure to choose the “Monthly” option!
CLICK HERE to make a one-time donation
in Any Amount!

Thank you.

Tamara Rubin
Executive Director
Lead Safe America Foundation

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