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Updated: July 2016

Thank you for your interest in sponsorship recognition associated with our web-presence and newsletter…

As we are on the verge of releasing our much anticipated documentary feature film, MisLEAD: America’s Secret Epidemic, this is a prime opportunity for sponsors to get involved and benefit from high traffic/peak visibility—and a bonus free ride on our current big wave of both mainstream and alternative media attention.

As an example of our impact, our weekly Facebook reach for the film’s page has been higher than 153,200 (last week in December 2014!), and in the last year we have had mainstream media coverage, links and mentions in Parents Magazine, Angie’s List Magazine, the Huffington Post, New York Post and elsewhere!

Our ideal sponsors are typically companies involved with construction, home sales and remodeling (historic home restoration, window replacement, repainting, etc.), hazard assessment & lead-remediation, children’s health (ranging from hospitals to natural care products & services and natural foods), or education (teaching methodologies, teaching institutions, interventions and therapies for special education.)

In exchange for a sponsorship contribution to the Lead Safe America Foundation, one benefit option you may choose is recognition for your business (in the form of a Banner/Block ad – see header] on one of our websites.

The ad “block” can be customized with your logo, animation or chosen language and will be set up to function as a direct link to the website of your choice.

We have currently two websites : the “home base” for Lead Safe America Foundation the home page for our film

Sponsors may also choose to be a primary sponsor of our Twitter or Facebook pages (weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annually) or a sponsor of our weekly “Lead-Lines” newsletter which goes out to nearly 50,000 people three to four times each month via MailChimp.

Sponsors can choose which of our sites they would like their banner block to appear on. They can also choose to be the “exclusive sponsor” for a specific site (in the header) or (for a smaller contribution) to have their sponsorship cover one specific page or to rotate across all of our pages along with our other non-exclusive public sponsorship recognition options.

Our social media and web reach has been very impressive, especially considering this is all still pre-theatrical release our film! Once the film is released we expect these numbers to increase rapidly and significantly—potentially exponentially.

In May of 2014 at the National Healthy Homes Conference in Nashville, Tennessee the Lead Safe America Foundation won the “Best Overall Campaign” award from HUD and HUD’s conference partners for our outreach and education work – primarily due of our extensive social media presence/ ability to reach parents and the overall scope of our reach online.

Here’s a sampling of some of our stats/growth.
Note we do not troll or pay for “fake” followers – all of our followers are real people with real profiles – mostly belonging to two groups 1) Parents of small children/Parents who are also homeowners and 2) contractors who do home repair/ renovation.:


The “Target Demographic” for the film (and all of our sites) is middle- and upper-income parent/homeowners with children 15 years old and younger. [These parents are generally college educated and the purchasers / restorers / renovators / landlords of historic homes which comprise a large component of today’s high-risk environments for childhood lead exposure.] Due to the universal nature of the issue (lead poisoning does not discriminate), we also reach out to grandparents, renters [of historic homes], low-income families, pediatricians, contractors, teachers, childcare providers, special education professionals, realtors and other professionals involved with children, home improvement and renovation.

For sponsor contribution levels and specific sponsorship recognition (banner block recognition and others) options, please contact Lead Safe America.





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