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Public recognition banner space is offered on our websites and in our newsletter as a benefit of a sponsorship donation to the Foundation.
Rates, levels and benefits subject to change at any time.
Updated 7/2016.


Our sites currently are:


Sponsorship donation levels with social media and website public recogntion benefits are as follows
(with levels and benefits subject to change):

ALL Public Recognition Sponsorships INCLUDE THE ADDITIONAL BENEFIT OF ONE MONTHLY PROMOTED FACEBOOK POST FOR EACH MONTH OF Sponsorship, with the promotion being either the promotion of one of our website pages that includes your link/banner or – if appropriate the promotion of a raffle for your donated product that also links to one of our website pages containing your link/banner.

New: All sponsors who offer a product related to our mission will be listed on our new “Products” page for the duration of their sponsorship.

Sponsors are also invited to use the Lead Safe America badge on their website and link back to our site via that image.

Ad space choices:

  1. Front Page “Banner”/Block on one of our sites (all pages – including home page)
  2. Side-Bar “Banner”/Block (all pages of our site – except the home page)
  3. Single-Page banner – top of page/ below menus (for the page of your choice)
  4. Newsletter Sponsorship (block in side-bar or footer of our weekly newsletter.)

 (all options are subject to availability)

$10,000 Sponsorship Options

  • Option 1: Benefit of one year (12 months following the month of contribution) of exclusive banner space on our home page.  This level has the added benefit of having a banner/ block at the top of all pages of the site [subject to availability.]

$5,000 Sponsorship Options

  • Option 2: Benefit of one year of side-bar banner space on all of the site’s pages – does not include home page (currently hundreds of resource and blog pages on
  • Option 3: Newsletter Sponsor:  One full year of recognition as the newsletter sponsor of our “Lead-Lines” weekly newsletter.  The newsletter is sent out 3 to 4 times each month (between 36 and 48 times a year) to just under 50,000 recipients on our email list.  As a newsletter sponsor you will get logo recognition in each of our newsletters and your logo will be linked to any web page you choose on your site.  This is non-exclusive; there may be multiple newsletter sponsors at any given time.   We will also make a public announcement thank you for your support (in the newsletter) and we will be happy to provide you with stats on the newsletter activity periodically.

$1,000 Sponsorship Options
Single-Page Banner On Your Choice of Page

  • $1,000 annual donation = benefit of one year of exclusive banner recognition space just above page copy and below (red) menu-bar on any one of our pages [subject to availability]
  • $500 annual donation = benefit of one-year of shared banner recognition space on any one of our sub-pages (with your banner block rotating with other sponsors at this level.)
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