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Donate to help us help families in Flint


New Goal: To raise $20,000 to help Flint families.

All donations to Lead Safe America Foundation in March of 2016* will go towards our work helping families in Flint. If we raise, $20,000 that will be enough to help us bring as much as $70,000 in free (donated) resources (blood lead testing, water testing, XRF consumer goods testing, information / support and guidance to families) to Flint.

Raised in March 2016*

(total updated 8 pm, 3/31/16)

Thank you so much to the following people who have donated in support of our work in Flint since January 1, 2016
(names updated 3/7/16)
Rebecca Terefe, Jessica Benjamin, Karen Markovich, Michael Tiffany, Alice Noyes, GoUrbanDog, Holly Johnson-Towell, John Cullen, Conan Riojas, Chelsea Phillips, Beth Butler, Ramona Jensen, Meredith Blake, Jennifer Voorhees, Patricia Peplinski, Jennifer Newman Galluzzo, John Watson, Laura Clark, Sarah Godwin, Mitchell Spector, John Morello, Robert Sanchez, Eric Willmarth, Rylan Caspar, Harriet Shugarman, Michael Kernell, Marina Orekov, Megan Zaccaro, Vatche Keuftedjian, Alice Gray Gregory, Mindy & Haddon Allen, Lou Wilson, Carolyn Forbes, Anonymous (in Colorado), Michael Tiffany, Iris Mendels, Kalpana Imports and Julia Pabis!

If you would like to make a tax-deductible designated donation to help us help families in Flint, click the “Donate” button below.

Our work in Flint is specifically focused on getting Flint parents the latest, most accurate and complete information—answers and advice they may not yet be able to get from other public agencies and efforts at this critical time. As a team of parent advocates from around the country we have been coming together to educate and inform as many parents as we can about what challenges they may likely face as parents of lead poisoned children AND their rights to specific resources to help their children succeed and thrive in spite of the fact they were poisoned by lead. We are bringing with us free blood lead testing, free lead paint testing, free consumer goods toxicity testing and free water testing.

Thank you. To see more about what we are doing to help families in Flint, click HERE.



*Excludes EPAC designated donations

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