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Donations for Leslie’s Family So Far


As of THURSDAY night, December 19, 2013 at 8:35 p.m. [PST] the total pledged and contributed so far to help Leslie’s family is:

towards our $15,000 Goal*

* so they can relocate temporarily and take care of things at their home themselves if they do not qualify for the grant to have the city do so.

This amount has been donated (pledged or contributed already) by 45 people.  The smallest gift is $5 and the largest has been $1,500 (WOW!)  We would like to thank each and every one of them for their help, and we are especially moved by the fact that these contributions are coming from people all over the country – and the world.  – Thank you.

Thank you so much (working on updating the list!):

46) Your name here! 😉
45) Cynthia Seley, Iowa
44) Libby Rivera, California
43) Tammy Christensen, Iowa
42) Laura Eckert, Iowa
41) Lisa O’Leary, New York
40) Dave, Iowa
39) Jessica Schenk, Iowa
38) Connie McKenney, California
37) Tiffany Cardenas, California
36) Heather Salus, Illinois
35) Tadpoles & Butterflies, Canada
34) Christopher Johnson, Illinois
33) Natalie Santiago, Illinois
32) Ashley Arias Photography, Washington State
31) Nicholas Roy, Iowa
30) Jessica Swisser, Iowa:
Trinity UMC (Jan Albury, Ann Daws) and in honor of Dave & Karen Cowell
29) Makayla Oberlin, Iowa
28) Brittany Truehitt, Texas
27) Susan Snell, Illinois
26) Tim McDowell, Iowa
25) Melanie Wright, Australia
24) Ann McGlynn, Iowa
23) Dawnelle Gordon, Iowa
22) Erin Mitchell, Australia
21) Jessica Shafer, Iowa • In memory of Hannah and Landon Houk
20) J Stevens, Virginia
19) Bethany Burton, Tennessee
18) Jan Heirtzler, New Hampshire
17) Paul Kizior, Illinois
16) Heather Snaman, Texas
15) Anna Yusim, New York
14) Anne McGarry, Texas
13) Tamara Young, Washington State
12) Allison Roach, Iowa
11) Megan Day Suhr, Iowa
10) Nghia Truong, Iowa
9) Jim Bergantzel, Colorado
8) George Wu, Ontario – Canada
7) William Koenig, Ohio
6) Kevin Mei, Illinois
5) Daniel Park, New York
4) Linus Chan, Illinois
3) James Stubblefield, Illinois
2) Michelle Sisk, Colorado
1) Carolyn Ruby-Weilage, Idaho


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