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Lead Poisoning Prevention Month 2014: Baby Emily in Wisconsin

Baby Emily in Wisconsin

Baby Emily in Wisconsin


Baby Emily’s Story
By Mama Jennifer in Wisconsin
October 18, 2014

Emily’s story is at the start, with few questions answered and many more unanswered.

Emily went in for her 12 month check up at WIC.  They checked her iron level and also checked for lead exposure, with her iron coming back normal but her blood lead level coming back elevated. The woman gave me a booklet about lead poisoning and told me to get a venipuncture done.  I later learned that the book is outdated saying that lead levels are only worrisome when above a 10, not the current maximum of 5.

I took her to the doctor to do her venous draw and then waited. After a week, I was told that her level was in fact elevated—about a 6, but that it was “fine” because the maximum used to be 10!

Around every turn I have been told not to worry.

Not once did I get any up to date advice on lead, until a friend told me about Lead Safe America. They are now sending me some lead test kits to help me in looking for the source myself.

The WIC office finally scheduled a visit to come out and look for the source of her lead.  Its been a month since she tested positive at their office.  They came out, asked a couple questions, tested 3 of her toys, told me they will be referring her to “Birth to 3“, and left.  They said that if she tests positive for lead poisoning again in 2 months that they will come back out.

I do not live in an old house or have any antiques. She is always with me when we are outside of our house and doesn’t eat dirt.  I have asked her grandparents to start testing their homes, especially if her levels don’t go down.  It’s not just lead paint that causes damage, there are so many other sources.

For now, Emily has been labeled a mystery, but hopefully not for long.

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