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#DecemberGiving 2015

Raised in December 2015
Average gift: $168.50 — from 95 friends!

Thanks to Michelle, Emily, Johnny, Jennifer Newman Galluzzo, Ramona Jensen, Meredith Blake, Beth Butler, Jennifer Voorhees, Alex Entrup, Marisa Peek, Madeline Torres, Brian Quint, Alice Noyes, Patty Peplinski, Michael Tiffany, Jessica Benjamin, Rebecca Romano, Rebecca Terefe, Lindsay Swenson, Amy Wilson, Nicole Erwin, Jantrue Ting, Karen Snyder, Catherine Brooks (Eco-Strip), Howard Mielke (Lead Labs), Jessica Mendels, Alan, Riyaz Kanji, Green Fest Friends, Barbara Raisbeck, Kelly Lemieux, Gerald Markowitz, Crystal Wozniak, Barbara Smoody, Martha Kudelaka, Rachel Barr, Cynthia Slingsby, Electrim Technologies Corp, Richard Haffey, Environmentally Helpful Projects, Kate Kirkwood Consulting, Edward MarshCentral Northeast Neighbors (of Portland, Oregon), Rohanna Kenin (Uncommon Wombat Productions), Qualcomm (Employee MatchingGift Program), Sarah Veksler, Nadezda Mijatovic-Sekicki, Julia Pabis, Bonnie McNeil, Robert Weitz, Laura Clark, Kelly Hiatt Thomas, Lisa Gould-York, Beth Butler, Johna Robinson, Laurence Carolan, Michael Lamendola, Kate Blodgett Supporting Balance, David Rosner, Eve, Kevin, Emma Hammond, Kerri Tucker, Space Mermaid (Stephanie), Lead Renovator Training, Michelle Ellashek, Virginia Harper, Sandra Gentry, Yetzia Aponte, Gene Elwell, Heather Fellers, Erin Ely Organics, Kate Kirkwood, John Schubert, Anonymous, Portland Green Real Estate Group, Arthur Morales,  John Gear Law, Esther Wright, Victoria Beckner, Myranda Rusie, Julia Getzelman, Leah Segedie (Mamavation), Catherine Brooks, Dale Nystrom, Haddon & Mindy Allen, David & Sarah Saunders Itz-Godwin, Steven Schlotter,  Jeremy Pendrey & Family, John Gilman & Benjamin Kaplan & Family, Barbara Waldman, Jessica Mendels & Michael Martin!

This was an incredible show of support for our last month of 2015—thank you, everyone!

As some of the funds were stipulated as designated for specific projects or direct family support, we did not raise enough beyond that to buy a new XRF or to repair our existing one; but we did, however, raise enough to arrange to rent an XRF on a daily basis—and intend to do so every month until we can afford to purchase our own—so it looks like we will once again be able keep up with the requests from families to test items!  So thank you so much for that! [Our first 2016 testing party will be at LSAF HQ on Friday, January 8th from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.[TODAY]!


Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 3.29.32 PMDonate $75 or more ( or set up a monthly recurring donation of at least $20 [just click the “make this recurring/monthly checkbox after you click the “donate” button above and enter your amount!]) and we will send you a “Lead Safe America” t-shirt to thank you for your support! AND (#Bonus), as a result of your donation, we will also send a free Lead Safe America shirt to a parent of a lead poisoned child.  Thank You!

2 Responses to #DecemberGiving 2015

  1. Esther December 1, 2015 at 5:15 pm #

    Sorry you don’t use PayPal. That is mostly how I make donations these days.

    • Tamara December 2, 2015 at 10:10 am #

      We do Esther! There’s a PayPal link on all of our pages using the “donate” button.

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