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Safe-Houses in Greece, NY

House for Sale: Just $240,000!

House for Sale: Just $240,000!

These links are current as of 7/1/2014 on craigslist in the Rochester, New York area.  They are appropriate safe (likely lead-safe or lead-free, newer construction) homes that are for sale that could be purchased as a tax-deductible gift to the Lead Safe America Foundation and would be used as one of our first “safe-houses” to harbor families from the Rochester area whose children have been poisoned.   These are examples we wanted to share to show how little it would cost to help Uconda’s family and many other families in the future:

  1. $240,000 –
  2. $169,900 –
  3. $284,900 –
  4. $149,900 –
  5. $179,900 –



House for Sale, Just $169,900!


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