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Guest Post by Leonard Rubin, Response to Michael Moore

If you click on the image below you will read Michael Moore’s article in Reader Supported News from January 23, 2016 on why “Flint Poisoning Is a ‘Racial Crime’…  Tamara (very busy on the East coast wrapping some short final scenes for the film) posted the article on Facebook simply with the comment: “Hmmm – no.” and Leonard responded brilliantly (as usual!):

What Michael says sounds self-evidentーbut is only part of the much bigger and worse truth: this problem isn’t merely the result of greed, indifference, corruption, racism or even the caustic Flint river…THIS time in THIS place these are the particulars, but just like the fungus entity that undergirds the forest for miles in all directions and only noticeably, visibly sprouts mushrooms “here and there” that are mistaken as individual, independent entities, the entirety of our nation’s infrastructure is riddled with systemic lead hazards, which “pop up here and there” when the conditions are right. We are – all of us (poor, rich, black, white, indigenous or recent transplant, living in shrunken former centers of industry, or currently thriving cities or quiet suburbs)- at risk from the legacy of smug ignorance and neglect of the needs of our greatest “capital assets”ーour country’s inhabitants! #timetowakeupamerica

Leonard Rubin, father of lead poisoned children;
Communications Director, Lead Safe America Foundation

Click the image below to read the original piece by Michael Moore:


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