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Hate Mail…


We get hate mail.  

That’s a fact of life.  

It’s mostly from contractors.  

They misunderstand who we are and what we do.

They think we are somehow affiliated with this or that government agency.

The sentiment is usually the same however – and this email we got yesterday (below) is a good example. We also posted it on Facebook and have gotten quite a good response.

Here’s the LINK to the Facebook post and comments.

We encourage you to write your response to this post in the comments below – once we have a good bunch of comments I will share the link with Lawrence (if he has not yet seen it)…

Here’s my post from Facebook, as I wrote it yesterday:

A “lovely” email I got from a contractor in response to our update… I try to stay strong – but this sh*@ still makes me cry sometimes… Especially if I’m reading it as my kids are having a particularly difficult night….

Please consider donating at if you DON’T feel the way this guy feels — it’s because of guys like this [and the points he brings up] that we need to keep Lead Safe America Foundation ‘s phones & lights turned on!

From “Lawrence”:

Do you really believe that 99% of the small garage door companies are following proper lead safe practices in this industry? I personally know of 5 companies in my area where I live that do not. They do not test, they do not keep the test strips in proper storage, they do not charge the clients nor use protocols for removal of old painted doors, due to losing the sale. What is the reality of lead paint? Do children really walk by and walk into the garage and lick the door? Do they breathe in the particles? I truly believe that if your organization really wanted to prevent lead poisoning from happening, you would need to educate the small businesses and the risks. I personally think its just our over regulated government trying to squeeze every dime out of the small business it can. Why can’t the whole industry make a serious adjustment to pricing when it comes to replacement of garage doors. Clients will shop around until it finds someone who will do the job without the pressure and extra cost involved in removing lead doors the proper way. Your letter seems mighty leftist to say that our midterms were “tempestuous”. Do you really believe since the Republicans took Congress that there will be huge deregulation, and your lobbying will lose the money that you believe we really need to “donate” to your cause? I find this politically offensive. This is what is wrong with this nation. The United States polices itself, yet other countries do not, and we are left behind in the dust in manufacturing/job creation in this nation.

I hope organizations like yours sincerely DIE.

If you need the $42,000 by Dec 31st, simply go to any state in the union, look up any mom and pop garage door company and fine them for non-lead safe practices, since fines are set at 37k for each violation,

I suggest you stop asking for donations, and start looking for the culprits that require your stupid organization in the first place.

– Lawrence

My response:

Dear Lawrence,

I don’t lobby.

My kids have permanent brain damage from being poisoned.

I do want to educate everyone about this – small business owners – consumers – pediatricians – everyone.

We are a small nonprofit.

Let’s come up with a plan together to reach people in your area who need to be reached.

Please click the unsubscribe button if you don’t want my emails.

Sorry to have bothered you.

Every day I live with extreme personal hardship and pain because of what happened to my kids— check out the trailer to my film (just 3 minutes) for a better glimpse into my life & my story:


Tamara Rubin
Executive Director
Lead Safe America


3 Responses to Hate Mail…

  1. Catherine Brooks, Eco-Strip November 11, 2014 at 2:13 am #

    The $37k fines can only be levied and collected by the EPA. I wish Lead Safe America could fine and get $37,000 for every “culprit” company, small or large, which they see violating the lead laws. Then they would have hundreds of thousands of dollars to help innocent children already poisoned by those companies’ negligence and to continue to educate everyone that this poisoning was totally preventable!

  2. Rob November 12, 2014 at 3:14 pm #

    Hi Tamara,

    I’m sorry for all the crap that you have to endure from all walks of life. The internet is a wonderful place to lash out and remain anonymous.

    As a restoration contractor, I too feel Lawrence’s frustration and resentment. I feel the RRP has been foisted onto the contractors – making it our responsibility to educate the public. It would be greatly appreciated if the EPA gives us the RRP pamphlets instead of us having to buy or print them out. One more cost for the little guy.

    I also feel Lawrence’s resentment towards the bottom feeder contractors who do not and will never play by the rules. It makes it hard for an ethical contractor to compete in the market.

    And lastly, I initially felt the lead paint risk was nothing.

    With all that being said…………..Your efforts have changed my awareness and my thinking. The Lead Safe Practices in the RRP are a little backwoods-ish but they provide a place to start.

    As a mold remediation contractor, we use the same equipment and clean to the same or higher standard than the RRP requires. For us, there is no added cost.

    In an open market, there will always be unscrupulous contractors just like there will always be unscrupulous clients. The unscrupulous, bottom feeder contractors who do crappy work and break every rule in the book are what make the good honest contractors look even better. As challenging and disheartening as it is – Learn how to market above the scum.

    The clients that only shop price don’t care and will never know what real quality is and may be the unscrupulous kind who won’t pay anyway. Learn how to weed them out before bidding the work.

    So to Lawrence – What you are feeling is the small business owner’s reality. Its a constant challenge – Some like it, some hate it. For me it depends on the day.

    Tamara, Now that we see the damage to children caused by lead exposure (videos are powerful), I do not want my clients to experience what you do on a daily basis.

    We will do our part. Keep up the good work.

    Take Care.


    • Tamara November 12, 2014 at 3:18 pm #

      Thank you, Rob!

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