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Ice Chips Tin

  • This is for the metal container holding the “Ice Chips” candy
  • Ice Chips Tin (We love these locally made sugar free candies!)
  • 37 ppm lead [in the paint on the outside of the metal box, not the candy!] (considered safe by all standards)
  • Non-detect for arsenic
  • Tested with an XRF Niton XL3t January 2016


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  1. zdog January 9, 2016 at 2:56 pm #

    egads this is scary, I had the kids carrying these for halloween. has anyone written the company to tell them this product box is lead-tainted? when food is touching a lead box and hands touch the outside before eating it just seems too risky to get this product so I will not buy again until they find safe boxes. we have purchased other flavors too. Now this makes me wonder about our other xylitol candy in tins, cracked candy. thank you for testing!

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