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PosterWe have been inundated with requests for assistance this month (July 2014).  This is no surprise as lead poisoning is often called “The Summer Disease.”  With so many families taking advantage of the good weather to renovate their homes, more children are being exposed to lead hazards than any other time of year.

Given our small volunteer staff  (and the fact that this limits how many families we are able to help) starting this month we are going to use indiegogo to post campaigns to help specific families.  This will help us spread the word, reach a wider audience, and (*bonus*) then Indiegogo does all the admin work for us (tracking the $ raised to our goal, sending out thank you letters to donors, etc.)

We will send out a follow up email very soon with the links to Indiegogo campaigns for several families we are helping this month (Florida, New York, Washington State, Connecticut, Massachusetts and elsewhere across the country.)

In the meantime, if you would like to make a contribution (in any amount) designated to our family support family (and we will use it to assist the families with the most urgent needs) please do that here:


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