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January Giving 2016!

2016As of 5 pm (EST) Saturday, January 23, 2016 51 friends have given $3,720.92 in support of the work of Lead Safe America this month! (average gift $72.96)

We start the year with a monthly goal of $16,667 to reach our annual goal of $200,000. The new year is a blank canvas—beckoning with endless possibilities! $12,946.07 left to raise to reach this month’s goal.

Thank you to our friends (new and old!) for supporting our work so far this month! Jennifer Newman Galluzo, Johnny Watson, Ramona Jensen, Jennifer Voorhees, Beth Butler, Meredith Blake, Jessica Mendels, Patti Peplinski (aka Peppi the Lead-Free Clown!), Alice Noyes, Michael Tiffany, Jessica Benjamin, Rebecca Terefe, Lisa McKamie-Muttiah, Danielle Hubbard, Laura Adams, Amy Winslow, Nicole Erwin, Jenna Mullen, John Gear, Howard Mielke, Jessica Mendels, Catherine Brooks, Melissa Pedersen, Riyad Kanji, Alan Scott, Daniel Ma, Crystal Wozniak, Kelly Lemieux, Gerald Markowitz, Julia Pabis, Environmentally Helpful Products, Iris Mendels, Edward Marsh, Michael Tiffany, Uncommon Wombat Productions, Anonymous (from Colorado), Sarah Veksler, Louis Wilson & Carolyn Forbes, Lost Loot, Robert Sanchez, Robert Weitz, Bonnie McNeil, Nadezda Mijatovic-Sekicki, Lisa Gould-York, Laurence Carolan, Laura Clark, Beth Butler, Johna Robinson, Kelly Hiatt Thomas!

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