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jennifer1This little boy has lead-poisoning.

Please click the link below and read his story (from Mama Jennifer in Ohio) to better understand how important it is to spread the word and educate EVERYONE about this issue.

…So many stories so many innocent children…

While we are so grateful for all the friends out there who have donated something to this vital cause over the years, and are proud to have such a strong, loyal readership of our monthly newsletter and following on Facebook, we are NOT on track to meet our $42,000 end-of-year fundraising goal for this year, and so the Lead Safe America Foundation is issuing an  “urgent” challenge of raising $4,500 by the *end of the day tomorrow* (11/17) towards our work helping families across the country!

So please also click the “share” button below and consider making a tax-deductible donation of at least $25 today towards our goal (just click the PayPal “Donate” button on our site when you are done reading Jennifer’s story!) Thank you.

Donating just $25 will help us distribute FREE lead-paint test kits to at least 10 families of the steady flow [of thousands now] who contact us every year (to get the information and tools to either – sadly – confirm the exact source of the lead hazards in their children’s environment that have poisoned them, so they can be remediated, or hopefully/increasingly find them BEFORE their children are poisoned!) Plus we’ll also send two free lead-paint test kits (value: $29.98) to YOU as a “Thank You!”

[In case you know someone with $5,000 to spare – for a $5,000 donation we will send 1,000 lead-paint test kits (full retail value: $14,990/ $6,160 wholesale value) to the organization or agency of your choice (your local children’s hospital? county health department? community center?) to distribute in YOUR community… and a donation of this amount will also make it possible for the Lead Safe America Foundation to distribute 2,000 additional test kits to families… so $5,000 could help us help as many as 3,000 families across the country!]

Thank you for your support!

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