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LeadSafeKidsChallenge: Lauryn in NH


Lead Poisoning Prevention Month, October 2014

This is Lauryn from New Hampshire – watch the video and read her mama’s story below:

My Mom is the Lead Police

When I became pregnant with Lauryn my husband and I were young first time parents (23 and 26), had just moved to New Hampshire, and had no family around.  The apartment we were renting at the time was in an older home and for the most part was in great condition.

It wasn’t until we started getting down on the floor with her for tummy time that we noticed chipping paint on the floor.  We researched lead paint and became immediately terrified and began seeing the hazards everywhere.

A lead-check swab confirmed our suspicions, we in fact had lead paint. In a weeks time we cleaned everything, used in-place management techniques to keep the areas that were hazardous from chipping, found a new apartment and moved. I recall my landlord telling us when we had given her notice that if she knew we were planning on starting a family she would not have rented to us.

Now that I am much more versed in lead poisoning, I am so thankful that we acted as quickly as we did and moved.  It seemed like a huge process at the time but, if I had waited until her one year appointment to have her levels tested she would already have been poisoned.

My daughter was already rolling off her play mat at 5 months and crawling by 6 months.  You will hear her in the movie refer to me as the “lead police” thanks to the Sesame Street video Lead Away.

If I had a wish it would be that all parents empower themselves with knowledge about the dangers of lead poisoning so that they too can preserve their child’s future potential.

Please share your child’s story, Every child should have a story whether it is sharing about getting tested for lead or simply sharing what they know about lead. Lauryn is very excited to have taken this challenge and is looking forward to seeing all the other kids videos.


Make a #LeadSafeKidsChallenge video!

  • Keep it short and simple!
  • Share your experience with lead and
  • your message for the world. 

Thank you!

Additional Information:

  1. Videos can be emailed directly to or YouTube or Vimeo links can be emailed.
  2. All videos entered in the contest will be given their own blogpost on this site.
  3. Click HERE to see entries to date.
  4. This is a contest and the winning video(s) will receive 1000 3M/LeadCheck Swab Kits (for testing for Lead Paint) to give away in their communities [Full retail value: $14,990!]
  5.  Click HERE for full contest details
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