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Le Creuset Ceramic Dish, Newer

  • Le Creuset mini ceramic pot and lid
  • Purchased  new at Williams Sonoma – apprx. 2011.
  • Blue Glaze (outside): 36,900 ppm lead
  • Cream Glaze (inside): 128 ppm lead

Note: this is a REAL Le Creuset pot, a ceramic version made to look like their cast iron ones. It is made as a custard pot (to bake a small custard in the oven) or for similar purposes. It is not a knockoff.

Here’s my post reviewing the concerns about lead in food-usage pottery:

lec2 lecreuset

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  1. Emma November 25, 2015 at 7:24 am #

    Glad I checked this post out. Just yesterday I bought a dutch oven like this in the knock off brand. I guess I’ll be returning it just in case it has lead too. It’s so sad they have to ruin things with toxins like this.

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