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Lead-net is a national bulletin board service about lead (mostly policy issues) run by the National Center for Healthy Housing.  I highly recommend it as a resource to those who have professions that touch the issue at all – directly or indirectly.  It is a place to ask pretty much any question about lead and to get answers from one or more of 3,000+ experts around the country and the world.  Here is the information on subscribing to Lead-net:


Leadnet is a free service brought to you by the National Center for Healthy Housing.
For more information on NCHH and its programs, visit

A blank message to these addresses performs the following – subscribes you to the list. unsubscribes you from the list. toggles you to/from the fancy digest version. toggles you to/from the vacation list.

Post your message to the list by sending it to

To contact the list owner, send your message to

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  1. Catherine Brooks, Eco-Strip November 25, 2014 at 10:00 pm #

    I find LeadNet an invaluable resource for me an a non-technical person and small business owner. The membership of local, state, and federal EPA, HUD, and health agencies, lead inspectors and trainers, medical, economic, and social advocates for lead poisoning prevention, and many lay advocates for the cause is awesome. I ask questions frequently and get very understandable answers from the pros.

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