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#LeadSafeKidsChallenge, win 1,000 test kits!

Spread the word, protect kids and enter to win one of THREE prizes – each prize is 1,000 3M/LeadCheck Swab Kits (2-swab packs) to give away in your community!

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9/18/2014 Odds of winning: EXTREMELY LIKELY!

A goal of the Lead Safe America Foundation has ALWAYS been to share as many personal stories as possible. The more stories out there about lead and the impact on people’s lives, the better.

With the recent success of the #IceBucketChallenge we’ve thought a lot about how we might do something along those lines  – something simple that forwards our goal of storytelling, and makes it easy for people to see how lead impacts the lives of regular every day people.

To this end my kids came up with the idea of the #LeadSafeKidsChallenge / #LeadFreeKidsChallenge.  The “Challenge” is to tell your story about lead (and/or donate to support the cause!)

The Challenge (instead of pouring a bucket of ice on your head) is telling your story, because that’s the hard part – whether due to feelings of overwhelm, fear or shame – there aren’t enough stories getting out there about the impact of lead in people’s lives.

The more videos that people make, the more stories will be shared and the less” invisibility” and the bigger impact we (collectively) will have. We would also like to include links to these videos on our website and in our newsletter.

If you’re up for doing a short video here our are suggested guidelines.

  1. Keep the video short—under a minute is best
  2. Take the video in horizontal/ landscape mode
  3. Kids are awesome! Do you have a kid that has something to say? Please ask them to participate in a video
  4. Videos could include any and all of the following:
  • Name: My name is ___
  • Age: I am ___ years old
  • Location: I live in  _____ (city/ state)
  • Hashtag: “This is my #LeadSafeKidsChallenge video” (can be in words or with sign with the hashtag written out – get creative!)
  • BLL: [If you have been tested you can say “My Blood Lead Level was…”]
  • Your Story: [keep it simple – it doesn’t have to be your whole story!… maybe pick one or two simple thing(s) to mention…] “Lead has impacted my life this way…” or  “my blood tested positive for lead” (examples: if you were poisoned / your kids tested positive / you found toxic household items in your home / you work with special-ed kids / you work in a lead-hazard remediation program, you are a lead-certified contractor, “I saw Lead Safe America’s film MisLEAD and learned _____”, etc.)
  • A Request/Your Challenge: (your challenge to others – three specific people or just to the world – this is just some suggested language) “Please join me in the #LeadSafeKidsChallenge – either make a video to tell your story and/or donate to help protect children. Lead-poisoning is 100% preventable—yet it is the single-most expensive environmental illness in America today.”
  • A Call to Action: “To donate/For more information [and free test kits to test the paint in your home]- go to”
  • Other Hashtags/ Phrases you may want to include in the video or with your post: #TestYourKids, #TestYourHome, #TestYourSoil, #TestYourSchool!

As soon as we get the first 100 submissions/ videos posted with the #LeadSafeKidsChallenge / #LeadFreeKidsChallenge hashtags we will open the public voting period for the contest.

To Enter The Contest:

  1. Email your video to us or upload to Vimeo, Facebook or YouTube and send us a link so we can help you share it! (e-mail and put #LeadFreeKidsChallenge in the subject line.)
  2. Post it on Twitter and/or Facebook with the hashtag #LeadFreeKidsChallenge or #LeadSafeKidsChallenge and email us a link to the post.

Winners and Voting:

  1. The 50 videos that adhere most closely to the suggested guidelines (above) will be selected by our Board of Directors for the public voting process. Follow the guidelines – however originality encouraged!
  2. The publicly voted TOP TEN videos will have the honor of having clips from them included in our film!
  3. Each of the top THREE videos creators (as determined by the public voting process) will win 1,000 (one thousand!) LeadCheck test kits (the 2-swab packs) to give away for free in their community!
  4. Our goal is that voting will run during Lead Poisoning Prevention Month – from October 15th to October 25th 2014.

More specifics to be posted shortly.  Thank you for participating.  Please let us know if you have any questions!

Thank you!

Tamara Rubin

Here are some sample videos my kids made today (there was no “coaching”— these are their own improvised thoughts & words!… and frankly I am always surprised by what comes out of their mouths!):

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