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LSAF Families Update

This week we have a lot of updates to share with you and not a lot of time to cover all the details, so decided to share three families’ updates in one post.

Baby Lyla in CT:
From Grandma: Lyla has been out of the hospital since last Monday. Her family is in a hotel room paid for by the health dept. Her BLL is now at 21—less than half of the 46 it was just under two weeks ago. Her parents have a lot of follow-up to manage (as I know so many of you fellow parents of lead-poisoned children are intimately aware). I am so grateful for how quickly Lyla responded to the initial treatment, and ask for prayers, positive thoughts or whatever you can send her way to help her and her family recover from this with as little complication as possible. Thank you.

From Tamara: We’ve raised just about $1,100 to help this family – and will be updating the original post shortly. Please consider donating to help Lyla and her family if you can, as they still need help with this transition. They will be disposing of much of their personal items (beds, sofa, etc.)—because, as many of us have learned through our own experiences, many large porous items that are contaminated with lead-dust cannot be practically/effectively (or cost-effectively) cleaned and thus cannot be moved to a new lead-safe home, and our assistance will be helping with replacement items and their transition to their new home. Thank you.

Uconda and Family in Rochester, New York
Many of you have seen our film and know some of Uconda’s story. We helped her get into a lead-safe home near Rochester, New York after all eight of her children were poisoned over several years in three successive section 8-approved rental homes in Rochester. She is now at risk of losing her family’s lead-safe home, at risk of being homeless and at risk of losing some of her section-8 funding to help her stay in a lead-safe home. Her landlord has just raised her rent, and section-8 has simultaneously reduced her allocation, making it impossible for her to stay where she is. She could be homeless with her 8 children as soon as July 1st.  This is an emergency situation, completely precipitated by her children’s lead-exposure in publicly funded housing that somehow passed inspection—in spite of existing lead-hazards. Over the past two years she has finally gotten things on track with her kiddos. They are in a good school system with IEPs and other interventions in place; for her to move back to Rochester now would be a huge step backwards—would take her children out of the stable, lead-free environment that has been helping them and would most likely put them at risk of being lead-poisoned anew in Rochester. Can you help this family? If you would like to donate specifically to help Uconda and her children please click this link here.  Section 8 will not approve her staying where she is, so if we could even raise just $1,700 to cover her July rent we will at least buy her some time to stay in place and work out a long-term solution that is best for her children. Thank you.

Tierra in Florida While some of you may not have been following Tierra’s story – I think it is important to mention. Tierra tested positive for lead, and so did her three young children—including a newborn who was exclusively nursing. While she has not yet had a full hazard assessment of her home, I did send her some LeadCheck swabs and she used them to test her blinds. Tierra had done some research and figured out that  – considering that she has a newer construction home – her blinds were the most likely source of the poisoning. She also researched the company and learned that there has already been a class action against the company that made her blinds and that this company is now out of businesses – so there is no recourse. As expected, the swabs came out BRIGHT PINK…. so please do not discount the potential for something as seemingly innocuous as window blinds to poison an entire family! If you want to help Tierra and her family, they need help getting a full abatement-level cleaning of their home and also help with purchasing new window coverings would be a nice gesture!  Donate to help Tierra and her family by clicking here.

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