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Last Updated September 2015

Join our “Honor Roll” with a monthly donation!
To meet our Honor Roll members, click HERE
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Thank you to the friends who have been the first to sign up to make an automatic monthly contribution to Lead Safe America, our “Honor Roll” members!

It’s wonderful to know we can count on this support each month!  We’d love for this number to grow, eventually to $1,500 a month  and then to $2,500 a month – so – in addition to making sure our office rent is covered – we could be sure our phones and internet and postage are also covered (these expenses are the backbone of our work, as we likely spend 80% of each day on the phone or online helping families in one way or another – with most of the rest of the time sending out free test kits and information!)

“Basics Monthly Budget”
Office Rent: $750.00
Phones (AT&T equip & service): $283.00
Newsletter Mailings (MailChimp): $240.00
USPS Charges; Including Postage & Shipping (2014 average): $1,335.00
Internet (Comcast): $130.00
Storage Unit (test kit storage/museum exhibit storage): $289.00
Total:  $3,027.00

Someday, just like Public Radio, these automatic contributions might represent a substantial slice of the funding “pie” for the critical intervention work we do with families throughout the country – so we could breathe a bit freer, knowing that when we get that next emergency call from a parent with a lead-poisoned child, we will definitely be able to respond swiftly and meaningfully in those first critical days!

Here’s how to set up an automatic monthly contribution of $7.50 or more:  From your desktop machine or laptop (sorry this doesn’t work on a phone or ipad!)…

  1. Click the blue “DONATE” button below
  2. Enter the AMOUNT you want to donate
  3. click the “Monthly” checkbox
  4. log in to complete your payment

Note: you don’t have a PayPal account you can also pay with a credit card just click the “continue” link next to the Pay By Credit Card option in the lower left corner of the screen (after clicking the donate button below)  … here’s what that looks like:


Just $7.50 a month WILL make a difference.

Click The “Donate” Button Below To Join our Honor Roll!
[and don’t forget to check the “Monthly” checkbox!]

If you aren’t in a position to make a MONTHLY donation right now to join the Honor Roll,
but would like to make a one-time contribution instead…
click the YELLOW button below.  Thank you!


Thank you to this website for the FREE progress thermometer graphic!

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