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thermometer-4Updated – Saturday, September 05, 2015:  Honor Roll members have committed to making a monthly donation to help with operating costs of Lead Safe America. Donations range from $2.50 to $177 a month and the average is $21.61. This may seem like a small amount, but it is truly a big deal – because it keeps our office lights and phones turned on – without which we could not be able to help the 1000+ families we help each month.  Our first goal was $750.00/month. Together our friends now contribute $1,188.22 monthly and we’re working on meeting our next goal of 2,500 a month!

Please click on their names/links to learn more about who our Honor Roll friends are/ what they are up to in the world. – Thank you!

To join our Honor Roll, Click HERE.

A special shout-out to the 55 members of our “Honor Roll“, sustaining our daily operations helping families everywhere!

Kate Kirkwood & Lead-EDU(New Hampshire)
Edward Marsh & (Pennsylvania)
Catherine Brooks &  Eco-Strip(Virginia)
Anonymous (Colorado)

$20 – $99
Laura Clark (Massachusetts)• Alan Scott &  ChemFreeCom (Australia!) • Yetzia Aponte (Portland, Oregon) • John Cullen & LockUp Lead (Kentucky) •  Daniel Webster & Environmentally Helpful Products / Lead-Out (New York) • John Gear & John Gear Law(Oregon) • David & Sarah Godwin (Texas) • Virginia Harper  (Tennessee) • Riyaz Kanji (Calgary, Alberta !) • Ed Wenz & Lead Renovator Training, LLC(Michigan)Reghan Walsh (Wisconsin) • Robert Weitz & RTK Environmental Group• Kelly Lemieux (California) • Jerry Markowitz- Author, Deceit & Denial(New York) • Arthur Morales

$10 – $19
Michael Tiffany • Bonnie McNeil • George KornreichMeredith Blake & Pro-Social Consulting (Santa Monica, California) • Kate Blodgett (Kentucky) • Laurence CarolanGene Elwell & ToxyScreenErin Ely & Ely Organics (Eugene, Oregon) • Nicole Erwin • Lisa & JJ Gould-York • Jessica Mendels (San Francisco, California) • Howard Mielke* & Lead Labs (New Orleans, Louisiana) • Nadezda Mijatovic-Sekicki • Julia Pabis • Patricia Peplinski – Peppi the Lead-Free Clown (Wisconsin) • Helene Rippey (Oregon) • Stacy Shaup (Florida) •Amy Winslow & LeadCare II(Massachusetts) • Crystal Wozniak (Wisconsin)

$2.50 – $9.99
Rohana & Sean Elias-Reyes(Brooklyn, NY) • Shannon Meade (Portland, Oregon) • Rebecca Terefe • Jessica Benjamin (Portland, Oregon) • Heather Fellers (Portland, Oregon) • Emma Hammond(New York) • Kelly Hiatt Thomas(Virginia) •  Ramona Jensen (Wisconsin) • Jennifer Newman Galluzzo (New York) • Alice Noyes (Portland, Oregon) • Johna Robinson (Oklahoma) • Barbara Smoody (Vancouver, Washington) • Leah Strand & Angeles, California) • Jennifer Voorhees (Minnesota) • Johnny Watson (Portland, Oregon) • Stephanie Carbone (Space Mermaid – Los Angeles, California) & Sarah Veksler (Shanghai, China!)

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(if we got your state or city (or country!) wrong…or if we don’t have it, please let us know!)

30% of our Honor Roll Members are parents of lead-poisoned kiddos or parents who have gone through a decontamination of their home to protect their kids from being exposed.

Click HERE to join our Honor Roll!
Thank you!
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