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Mama S.

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July 30, 2014

Dear friends,

One of our mamas – a local Portland volunteer who has helped Lead Safe America in several ways—coming to an early screening of the film and giving feedback, sharing our petitions and links, and making financial contributions  – has been diagnosed with a terminal illness. Mama S. has ALS and her doctors have told her that she has just months left to live.



She also has a son – Simon – who is just 5 years old.

As a gift to her and to Simon (and very much in line with our Parent-Advocate support program) we have offered to set up a website for Mama S. so that she can create a place to share stories and memories for Simon. Sort of like a virtual scrapbook, that he can go back to anytime.

We are helping her by registering the domain name for the site and hosting it (“in perpetuity” until at least Simon is older and can decide what he would like to do with the site himself.)

Given the nature of the journey she is on right now – I expect that reading about her story in her own words and in the words and comments of her friends will be a gift to parents and children everywhere suffering with ALS and the passing of a young parent.


Fundraising Goal/ Budget:

$250+/– Domain Name Registration, Approximately $10 per year/ 25+ years
$0          Website Hosting ($40/ month – $480/year – in perpetuity)
—————- donated in full by
$150 – Initial site design, set up & uploading
—————- (usually $1,000-$2,000 but mostly donated by CleverKiwi Designs)

$400  – Total Fundraising Goal

*We want to make sure the site doesn’t expire until after Simon has decided what he would like to do with the site, so we will advance register it for as many years as we raise $ to cover.

We are trying to set up this site for Mama S. today – as today is her birthday! Can you make a small donation for this courageous Portland Mama facing the challenge of a lifetime? Helping us to give her a tool and a forum that will chronicle her last days and her wishes and dreams for her son?

$20 raised to date!
Domain name has been purchased for one year.
We are now working on making live
We need to raise $99.50 to add ten years to that

I haven’t yet asked Mama S. if she would like us to help her raise funds for any other needs for Simon, but I will – & will post an update here.

Donate-to-Support-Lead-Safe-AmericaThank you.

Tamara Rubin
Executive Director
Lead Safe America

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