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Welcome, Mimi Fishman Foundation!

MFFWe’re thrilled to share with you that the Mimi Fishman Foundation has joined Lead Safe America Foundation as our newest Lifetime Sponsor.  The Foundation was created by the late Mimi Fishman. This is especially exciting as their support is a perfect match to our work protecting and focusing on the “health and well-being of children.”

From their site:

“The Mimi Fishman Foundation is a volunteer-administered, fan-driven non-profit dedicated to raising funds for a diverse range of charitable organizations that each, in some way, touched the life of our founder Mimi Fishman. Mother to Phish’s drummer Jon Fishman; Mimi established the Foundation with the idea that partnering with bands like Phish could truly influence charitable giving and philanthropic engagement. Organizations supported by the Foundation are focused on the health and well-being of children and families with a particular emphasis on visual impairment. Inspired by one woman’s life journey, the Foundation lives on through the work of co-founder David Shulman and a small group of volunteers dedicated to Mimi’s mission.”

We encourage our friends and followers to return the favor—by reading more about Mimi Fishman, her Foundation and their work helping families. Click HERE for their site and please do share the link with others.

Thank you so much also to Jon and Briar Fishman. I wish I had known your amazing mother, Jon. It is inspiring that she has created a legacy that is so closely tied in with the work of your family, and your goals and focus to make this world a better place! It truly feels like our two “families” (both literal and figurative) are on the same path—working to heal the world and create a new paradigm where all children (now and in the future) are protected, safe and healthy.

Tamara Rubin
Executive Director
Lead Safe America Foundation

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