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Where has MisLEAD Been?

Inquiring minds want to know: “Where have you shown the film to date?”
(Please consider joining our “Honor Roll”)

This map (click the image below to see a larger version) shows where we have had public preview screenings (red, blue and teal) [or private home preview screenings (burgundy)] since our very first focus group preview screenings in September of 2012 in Portland, Oregon. It also shows a few of the upcoming screenings we are working on (bright green.) We will update the image on this post periodically to keep it current.

May 2014: The film is not quite done – but *almost*, and if we are able to raise final finishing funds this Spring, we are planning on having our “Oscar Qualifying Run” [a week-long run in Los Angeles and New York] in December 2014.

Our “Special Engagement Preview Screenings” around the country will both raise awareness about the issue of childhood lead poisoning and help us get the film finished.

Click here for information – if you are interested in adding your city to this map.

[Our finishing fund Kickstarter project last year did not meet its goal,
& so no $ were raised from that effort. 🙁 ]


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