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MisLEAD comes to OMAHA!

MisLEAD: America’s Secret EpidemicScreen Shot 2014-09-21 at 7.52.02 PM
is coming to OMAHA, Nebraska
and surrounding towns!
Exactly When
and Where
depends on

The Plan:

WHO:  Nikki Moore is our mama-champion (and the Nebraska mother of a lead-poisoned child) who is helping us to bring MisLEAD and a Lead Safe America outreach event to Nebraska – and she needs your help too!

WHEN: How soon we can bring a Lead Safe America event (including free toy testing, free lead-paint test kits for all and a free open-to-the-public screening of our documentary film) depends on how quickly we can get others on board.

HOW MUCH: Our goal is to raise $3,750 for this event and to have a local charitable foundation match that amount.

HOW?: What we’re going to do is ask that each person who makes a tax deductible contribution to help bring this event to Omaha also make a comment on this blog-post, either sharing their personal story about lead poisoning OR sharing why they want to learn more, why they want to test their homes and toys and why this opportunity is important to them.

No donation is too small, but please consider $25 (or even $37.50 – so each donation moves the needle 1% closer to our goal!) We will keep track of the total donated HERE:

Lead Safe America Event:
Number of Donations

as of:  Sunday, September 21, 2014 – 8 p.m.

Once we’ve got 50 mamas (or dads, or grandmas or grandpas or just generally awesome people) who have donated… we will share this blog post with a local charitable foundation (name to be announced later) and ask them to match the contributions to date, to help make this event possible!  Your local support on a grassroots level will show this local Foundation how important it is for this event to be brought to your community. Thank you!

The following “Donate” button will add a “For 2014 Nebraska Events” note to your donation automatically and we will send you a thank you e-mail confirming that we received your donation (and later a thank you letter in the mail with FREE Lead Safe America buttons, information and FREE lead-paint test kits to test the paint in your home!)


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