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Lead Safe America Monthly Operating Costs

We like to keep our followers informed of our financial obligations and needs. Here’s a quick overview of our monthly Operating Costs. This is an estimate/ average of what we spend just to keep going. Having these costs covered each month are crucial.

Lead Safe America Foundation Monthly Operating Costs:

  • $750 – Office Rent
  • $1,000 – Administrative / Project Management / Event Coordination Assistance (average)
  • $800 – Phones Lines / Internet/ Websites Fees & Updates (average)
  • $500 – Postage / Mailing Costs (average)
  • $300 – Volunteer Events (average – refreshment & supplies for local volunteer & advocacy events)
  • $250 – Insurances and other fees / licenses
  • $300 – Vehicle Costs (average)
  • $50 – Office Supplies (average)


ANNUAL TOTAL (projected): $47,400

[These costs do not include our film preview screening presentations, speaking engagements or other outreach event costs.]

Updated April 12, 2014

We’re working on our 2013 tax return, which, as a non-profit, is due on May 15, 2014 and we are looking forward to having our first audited financial statement and annual report available at this time. [For our first two years in operation we brought in less than $50,000 in cash donations each year and filed with the e-postcard option for nonprofits.]

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