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Quotes at Issue: Are kids being poisoned by drinking water in Portland Public Schools?

A Game of “Telephone”:

Regarding the Portland Public School Lead In Water issue, we share here with you two quotes that are misleading and misrepresenting the issue. Both quotes (while slightly different interpretations of the same statements) are sourced in information provided by the Multnomah County Lead Program. We are posting these here so that we may clearly reference them in a later post that will discuss the concern at length (the concern that the administrators of the Multnomah County lead program are – whether intentionally or due to scientific ignorance – misleading the public about this highly charged issue debacle.)

Click on the quote to see the source article/ report.

From a recent (July 19th) WWeek article:


Direct from the Stolle Report (referenced in the July 19th WWeek article.):


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