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Naturepedic, another partner in protecting children!

naturepedicWe’re thrilled to share with you that Naturepedic is partnering with us for the second year in a row as an anchor sponsor in our annual “BIG RAFFLE!

With this year’s raffle taking on a new dimension (morphing from being a “free raffle” to generate awareness into becoming a major fundraiser for the Lead Safe America Foundation!), Naturepedic rose to the occasion and has generously donated TWO twin organic mattresses (with foundations!) as the anchor prize in our 2nd PrizeNatural & Organic Children’s Room” prize package for our Big Raffle [Phish Riviera Maya Mexico trip raffle!], with the drawing to be held on November 7, 2015.

This 2nd Prize “Natural & Organic Children’s Room” package is for a bedroom for two children and includes the organic mattresses and foundations from Naturepedic, children’s clothing from longtime friends Jayli Imports, non-toxic children’s toys from one of our first-ever corporate sponsors – Green Toys, non-toxic natural & organic children’s body products from Earth Mama Angel Baby and two organic twin sheet-sets from Target!

bedWe love Naturepedic, and their commitment to making non-toxic organic fire-retardant free bedding an available choice—especially important for children!

One of the greatest hardships of having an acute lead poisoning exposure in your home (from an incident like a contractor sanding the paint or using an open flame torch) is having to throw out most of your larger upholstered furnishings. Micro-particulate lead dust cannot be effectively cleaned from beds and sofas and similar items, and the cost of replacing these big ticket household items is often a hardship for families already going through the trauma of having a poisoned child.

In the past when using designated grant funds to replace mattresses for families, we have reluctantly (due to concerns over flame retardants and other chemicals in most available furniture) purchased replacement items for families that were within the realm of what could be purchased with limited funds, and not necessarily items that  met our standards for protecting children from all forms of environmental toxicity.

Seeing the film Toxic Hot Seat (a must see if you have not yet seen it), reinforced our concerns about ‘normal’/’standard’ replacement furnishings.

The idea of exposing children who are lead poisoned (and thus already suffer the impacts of a toxic chemical burden from their lead exposure) to additional toxicants in new (read: flame retardant-treated) furniture (especially mattresses, where they spend more than 1/3 of their early lives) did not sit well with us, and is not something we would want for our own families.

As a result, finding Naturepedic—getting to know their high quality standards, excellent workmanship and underlying corporate mission of protecting their customers from the environmental toxicity found in most furniture—was an exciting discovery for us. And then to learn that they were equally enthusiastic about supporting our work protecting children, was a wonderful bonus!

Thank you Naturepedic, for donating to our raffle again this year, and we look forward to working with you to help families in the future!

Their donation for the raffle:

Naturepedic is yet another sponsor (and friend) that we met and got to know better at the #ShiftCon social media conference, and we hope this is the beginning of a LTR since our missions are so aligned (protecting children from environmental toxicity where they spend the most time – in their homes!)

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