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Are you ready for October?

jackolanterns-6Our Neighborhood Partners

October is Lead Poisoning Prevention Month (not “WEEK” – as you may have heard.) How did this come to be?  Because the Lead Safe America Foundation DECLARED it to be so! 😉

(How could anyone—individual, agency or business—address all there is to address and reach out to all the people that need to be reached about this pervasive issue in our country ….. in JUST ONE WEEK!) Breast Cancer has a MONTH, Pregnancy has a MONTH, Autism has a MONTH, and – as of 2013 – so did Lead Poisoning!  [Hey FEDS! Get on board please, and stop calling it Lead Poisoning Prevention Week!  Thank you!)

We want you to consider the Lead Safe America Foundation as YOUR PARTNER for activities and outreach for Lead Poisoning Prevention Month this year (2014.)

For starters, we encourage you to become a NEIGHBORHOOD PARTNER Or COMMUNITY PARTNER of the LEAD SAFE AMERICA FOUNDATION… in exchange for your support (depending on the level of support) you could get hundreds (or even THOUSANDS – seriously THOUSANDS – we have 6,000 kits sitting here right now waiting to be sent out!) of FREE 3M/LeadCheck swab-kits to give away to your community.

If you want to look at it as a cost/benefit analysis – these sponsorships get you 3M/LeadCheck Swabs to give away BELOW wholesale cost (we’re the only ones who can do that)—and the partnership funds donated also make it possible to match the amount we give you with the same amount of swab kits that we are able to give away directly to families…. So (for example) donate $600 as a Neighborhood Partner and we’ll send you 200 swab-kits with Lead Safe America buttons and Simple Solutions cards. You will distribute those 200 kits in your community (making the “cost” about $3 ea.) and we will match your generosity—as your gift will make it possible to for us distribute an additional 200 kits to families from around the country who have requested them. It’s a win/win – all the way around!

In addition to the partnership opportunities you may also want to schedule a Lead Safe America Foundation coWrinkly_jackolanternordinated series of events in your area in October. We can bring with us FREE Lead-Paint Test kits, Free Open-To-The Public Screenings of the film, MisLEAD: America’s Secret Epidemic, FREE Toy-testing events for the public—and if we can coordinate it with a local health provider in your area— FREE Blood Lead Testing. (Again – Win/Win!)

While our September is already pretty darn BOOKED,  October 2014 is still open and we want to partner with your business or agency to have a successful event (or series of events) that could help hundreds (if not thousands) of families in your area.

Contact Tamara Rubin, Executive Director of the Lead Safe America Foundation at for more information about any of these opportunities.

Thank you.






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