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On Begley Street Episode…

We are currently working on a project that involves some “eco-celebreties”, one of whom is among the most well-known environmentalists in Hollywood, Ed Begley, Jr. In getting to know his work (with “green” building and healthy housing) a little more, I have been watching episodes of his two latest [I guess perhaps you’d call the genre “Internet reality TV”] shows; below is a link to this lovely jewel of an episode I came across tonight!

Thank you for doing an episode on lead and environmental toxicity, Ed (& thanks also to his lovely wife, Rachelle)!

Each and every moment spent raising awareness of environmental toxicity in our homes is a profound addition to the collective body of knowledge and information that parents across the world will be able to access to learn ways to to make sure their children are safe and protected from these hazards. This episode is a great addition to this collective body of knowledge!

Click the image to watch the 9-minute “webisode” – and while you’re there, maybe take some time to explore some of his other entertaining/interesting episodes as well!

Screen Shot 2015-05-05 at 12.10.45 AM

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