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Outrageous propaganda published in “Scientific” American magazine

The following article was published in Scientific American, first in March of 2016 and again in July of 2016. It came to our attention yesterday (Saturday, July 9, 2016).

We have captured and archived full screenshots of the entire article in the case that the language is changed or the original article is taken down. You can read the full article (which is a piece which we wholly and fundamentally disagree with) by clicking on the image below.

We share this here with you now so that you may have context for additional posts here at that refute the points brought up in the article. This article is the most upsetting piece I have ever read. [For context please read the best article I have ever read on the subject of low-level lead exposure.] Rather than any sort of “science”, this piece in “Scientific” American is an article that could best be categorized as “political propaganda from industry” and does not belong in a journal with the name “Scientific American” – as nearly every point (as it is presented and framed in this article) is a decidedly at odds with current scientific consensus—the author’s assertions/conclusions represent fabrication, distortion, or blatant, tortured misrepresentation of science.

The article itself has clearly been written with the intention of dismissing the potential harm of chronic low-level lead exposure to children. The only actor(s) that I can imagine might be interested in writing an article with this “angle” are the following parties (specifically parties with a vested interest in downplaying or dismissing the significant and profoundly damaging impacts of low-level lead exposure on children in order to minimize those parties’ specific and collective economic “exposure” and/or legal liability on the issue in light of the recent discovery of ongoing low-level chronic level lead exposure as a result of lead-contaminated water delivery infrastructure systems throughout the United States… ): EPA, CDC, & the lead industry (and all its players presently and historically.)

We will be publishing additional posts related to this article including responses from the scientific and advocacy communities. Please click on the ““Scientific” American” tab here or above to see all the posts as they are published.

Tamara Rubin
Executive Director
Lead Safe America Foundation


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