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Re: Our Community Partnership Programs…

Community Partnerships:

We want to make sure that our readers know that while we don’t “sell” test kits – Lead Safe America can get LeadCheck test kits to our agency partners for what works out to be significantly less than what you are currently paying for them (less than the lowest current wholesale cost.)

This is a program of Lead Safe America that has been designed to encourage agencies to distribute home test kits as a free resource to families  – as well as to make them available for agency employees to use as needed during home site visits, etc. – when they otherwise might be treated as a scarce resource / costlier consumable – and not used as liberally as needed/desired as a result.

Some of our partners also take advantage of the opportunity to help distribute bunches of kits to other local agencies that have direct access to the target audience (young mothers) through childcare centers, maternity clinics, health clinics, midwives, pediatric dentists and others who will, in turn, help distribute them to their families/ clients.

Additionally, other partners either already use them in related agency home visit programs or are working on integrating them into home visit programs – as agency employees who visit homes (health and human services, respite care providers, case-workers, police, firefighters, code enforcement, vector control, electrical inspectors, etc.) are the line of first defense in terms of the opportunity to recognize potential hazards – and giving those first responders the opportunity to test immediately (in real time, upon recognizing a potential hazard) can really make a difference. (One story:

We want to help make it easier for you to test homes (especially if you do not have an XRF readily available in your agency) – and we also think these test kits are an invaluable tool for consumer awareness of the issue.

We also believe strongly in XRF technology and don’t think of this as an either/or proposal.  Each and every tool and solution in this fight has its place and all are truly complementary. When a family tests their home with a swab kit and gets a positive, they almost always follow up by getting a professional hazard assessment done (using an XRF) [or – if they are low-income –  they follow up by calling a public agency to help them get this done.]   This email today is just about one tool that is affordable, easy to use and accessible for consumers and agency employees.  When XRF manufacturers start giving deep discounts to make instruments more accessible to public agencies – we’ll also support that conversation and get involved in any way we can.

Each test kit we distribute also comes with a “Lead Safe America” button – to help brand the cause (like the pink ribbon has done for breast cancer) and a “Simple Solutions” card – to quickly give families (or other users) an overview of things they can do to reduce a child’s exposure to lead.  See examples of those cards here:

Our Community Partners (agencies that have partnered with us in this way [resource distribution] and others) include the Lead Poisoning Prevention Programs for the State of New Hampshire, the State of Wisconsin and several local (county-based) programs in Michigan.  As a *bonus* We also usually bring between 500 to 1,000 test kits with us to give to host agencies who sponsor Lead Safe America outreach event program days (depending on the anticipated attendance for the events.) Hosting agencies/ past events:

Overall our program is a win/win situation, and we would like to see more agencies take advantage of this program since it offers a significant cost savings as well as other benefits and resources.

We want to help you help others, that is why we founded Lead Safe America – because resources are hard to come by for so many agencies and we wanted to help alleviate some of the burden you face in any way we can (whether it be helping communicate the urgency of the cause by sharing our film’s trailer with families, with landlords or with contractors – or by helping you access resources for less than you might otherwise be paying, so you can have more funding available for other program elements.)

Thanks for reading.  We wanted to make sure it was clearly understood, as you (agency employees, contractors, community organizers, parent advocates, etc.) are the people who would be most likely to take advantage of this opportunity and have it benefit your work.

Please contact Yetzia (Lead Safe America’s Volunteer Treasurer and Program Assistant) if you would like more information about these opportunities:; Community Partnership benefits vary and can be on a bit of a sliding scale.

Thanks for reading.

Beth & Tamara & The Lead Safe America Team

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