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More Thanks to our Phish Phan Phriends!

Phish Phan Phriends from around the globe continue to astound us with their generosity. This week Jeremy Lebediker donated one of his creations to our raffles. This is a set of Legos that is configured as the band Phish on stage, worth $100  – from his Etsy Shop!

We love Legos (one of the best toys out there in terms of lead-safety records / responsible action taken when [historically] lead was found in some of their products) and we also love Phish and the contribution that the Phish community has been to Lead Safe America as a whole (not just financially, but their contribution in helping us expand our community and helping us to reach out to more families all over the country in need of assistance.)

Please click the image below to check out Jeremy’s Etsy Shop!  Jeremy, thank you so much for helping us to bring awareness to the cause of childhood lead poisoning prevention and for supporting our work helping families everywhere protect their children from being exposed to lead in their homes and environment!



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