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Yet ANOTHER raffle prize donation from a Phish Phan Phriend! #LoveYouGuys!

Yet another Phish Phan Phriend has donated products from their business for our 2016 raffles! 

Thank you so much to Andrew Lederman, the owner of! Andrew has donated a $100 gift certificate for products from his catalogue as a raffle prize in 2016. Andrew thought it might be a fun prize for a Phish Phan who wanted to create some items to give away at shows on summer tour or sell “on the lot”!

For the latest on our raffles (free raffles, #BonusRaffles and our #PhishRivieraMaya2017GrandPrizeRaffle), we encourage you to join our Phish Raffles group on Facebook! Thank you everyone for supporting the work of Lead Safe America Foundation in such fun and creative ways.

Please click the image below to check out Andrew’s website and product catalog!  Thanks again, Andrew!



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